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Aluminum Fence Installation & Repair Services

The aluminum fences we install are among the most durable and long-lasting fence options you can choose for your property. These fences cost more than say a wooden fence, but what you pay for upfront you get back in durability and longevity.

Aluminum fencing provides your property with a polished look but with none of the maintenance of wooden fences and the high cost of wrought iron fences. This type of fencing is excellent for security purposes as they are harder to scale and breach, and it makes your property look secure and valuable.

We offer various custom aluminum fence installation and repair solutions to all our customers. Our team of experts will visit your property first to ascertain the type of terrain you occupy to provide you with the best aluminum fence for your needs.

You may ask, “Why opt for an aluminum fence if you can install a wrought iron fence that’s more durable?”

Aluminum fences are just as durable as wrought iron fences, and most manufacturers now incorporate aluminum alloys that are just as strong as steel.

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An All-Round Durable And Affordable Fencing Solution

Among the many other benefits of aluminum fences, we build an affordable, durable, secure, and beautiful fence that stands out the most. These practical fences are also environmentally friendly as you will not be replacing them all that often. We are also experts at fastening, tightening, weather-sealing, and powder-coating any aluminum fences that need repair.

If you’d like more information about our aluminum fences, contact our sales representatives to put you in touch with our team of experts. We provide free estimates and site visits to all our customers.

We have years of valuable experience and unparalleled expertise to ensure that we provide you with the right aluminum fence for your particular property.

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Our Aluminum Fences Are Ornamental Too!

Our team will install low-maintenance containment fences while adding an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to beat. All our fences blend in with your landscape and come in various colors and designs.

The fences in our workshop have screws and picket fasteners that add to their beauty and function. All our fences are also galvanized or powder-coated, making them weather-resistant and protected from corrosive elements like rust.

We are experts in aluminum privacy, residential, commercial, pool, and industrial fencing. All our pickets are handsome, easy-maintenance, and durable. The pickets are at least 1-inch thick, and feature high-quality ornamental designs for added value and wow factor.

Before we install your aluminum fence, we will study the terrain on which your property lies to ensure the installation is secure and long-lasting. Our racked aluminum fences adjust to the slope of your property and run parallel to the ground without the need for unsightly stair-stepped sections.

These racked aluminum fences will also contain your property, eliminating any holes or gaps between the fence and the ground. We make sure that our installations are extra secure to keep in your precious pets and children and to keep pests and burglars from gaining access to your property.