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Wood fencing is a timeless and traditional fencing option that, when cared for properly, will give you years of service. Wood is practical and affordable and gives you the privacy and security you need for your property.

A wooden fence is a perfect addition to any residential property but also has uses in some commercial and agricultural properties. This versatile fencing can vary from the all-American white picket fence to tall privacy fences that allow you to conceal and protect your property.

The installation of a wood fence is just the beginning of the project. We will ensure that once installed, your fence lasts and will work with you, advising on any required repair and maintenance schedules.

Wood fences need regular maintenance because of all the fencing options; they are the ones that are most susceptible to the elements. We aim to keep your fence in pristine condition for the longest possible time to avoid expensive repairs in later years. With the proper care and maintenance, wood fences can withstand the elements for decades, returning your initial investment.

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Designs, Type of Wood, And Pricing

Wood fence pricing varies depending on the style and type of wood used. We will assess the best design and wood treatment solutions for your property from the available designs in our workshop. Choose from picket fences, post-cap designs, criss-crossing lattices, or post-and-rail designs.

Hardwood fences may be more expensive, but they last much longer than softwood fences. Mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut, serve as hardwood fence materials, while softwoods include pine and spruce.

Where the wood comes from in the tree also matters and affects the durability of your fence. Where possible, we aim to use heartwood instead of sapwood, which is stronger as it comes from the heart of the tree. As much as possible, we also recommend heartwood for weight-bearing posts and sapwood for lighter wood fences.

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Besides installing your wooden fence, we will help to advise you on how to make it last longer.

We strongly recommend that you always apply a weather seal to your wood fence. This preventive action will extend the fence’s lifespan and prevent it from being exposed to rot or water damage.

Annual sealing and repairs can double the life of your wood fence compared to leaving it unsealed. Treated wooden fences last longer than untreated ones. We will also explore all the cost implications to get the best wood fence possible on your property at the most affordable price. Our team will also advise on payment plans available that will spread the cost of your investment.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you to install the best wood fence for your property. Our superior workmanship will ensure your fence is durable and will eliminate the need for constant repair, saving you money in the long term.